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Getting Cozy with Scary

In April, I was fortunate enough to work at TEDxPortland. Since it was my second year as a volunteer,  I was prepared for a long, busy day of pretty much !ALL THE FEELINGS!!!  I was not disappointed. But through the crazy greatness of the event, I managed to hear something keynote speaker Macklemore had to say.

Near the very end of the event, in a state of functional exhaustion, this made it into my brain over the live feed from the main auditorium:

“Go out and make stuff, and be happy doing it.”

– Ben Haggerty; AKA Macklemore

Making stuff has seemed like such a hassle lately.  Writing stuff, especially. I’m disgusted by most things I can manage to make myself get down on paper. The labor of it too quickly overwhelms me, often to the point where I want to give up.

But I’ve been fighting through it, fighting because it has felt more like a battle than I’m used to.  I made this.  Whether it means I’m winning the battle or not, I don’t know.  But I am almost, maybe, proud of it, and that’s a huge step for me.

More to the point of Macklemore’s advice, it made me happy, which I think is a more positive result than I could hope for. That and I’m now very, very excited to be able to expand my role at Run Oregon.  Which also leaves me feeling !ALL THE FEELINGS!!! 

To the battle. And more importantly, the friends we meet along the way.

You Guys! youguysyouguysyouguys! Exciting development to report- I’ve been working with the good folks over at RunOregon, and guess what?

Here’s my first contribution live as of yesterday!

I’m pretty pumped to be joining their contributor team, and will hopefully have more to share soon. In the mean time, I’ll be over here happy dancing.

Happy Wednesday!!