Run in Peace

I went for a walk last night with my family.  We started out in the cool evening, my nephew excitedly puddle jumping.  “Mango, let’s run!” he tells me, a grin across the width of his impish face.  My first thoughts are that I’m not dressed for it, and I’m ashamed.  That is a ludicrous thought, isn’t it?

Let’s run.  Let’s run, not because we need to, because we have the right shoes for it, or because there is a race to win, but because it’s pure fun.  Because there are too many puddles left undisturbed, and too much air left in peace in the sky.  Let’s run because of the sheer joy in it.

My nephew knows this so much better than I do, so who am i to object?  In moments his tinkling laugh echoes across the neighborhood as we run down the street, dodging puddles, the cold air flushing our faces and reviving us.  We’re all laughing as my brother pushes the stroller along behind us in pursuit.  Hysteria ensues as we continue down the sidewalk.  My nephew finally pauses expressing how tired he is.  We walk less than a block, “Mango, let’s RUN!” he prods me again.  He’s off like a shot and we fall in pace behind him.

This past weekend as the news has circulated about Caballo Blanco‘s death, it’s a tragic reminder to appreciate this even more.  I think perhaps Caballo and my nephew are tuned in to the incredible fundamental joy that running can bring.  We can do a great job forgetting this, ignoring it, but it is always there to remind us, sometimes in little moments and sometimes in life-changing ones, how perfect it can be.  Caballo reminded us on a national-bestseller level what my nephew reminded me of last night.  Quick video of Caballo Blanco’s contribution to running.

He gave motivation to so many, and in death as in life, he ran into the next adventure leaving us with still more inspiration:

“True tweeted about the race: “We are fueled by the message. When the message we carry is of Truth/Beauty, love, hope, and peace…”

Run in Peace, Caballo.



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