Promises to Keep

Thanks to Mr. Robert Frost  for today’s inspiration.

It’s a good news Thursday on my end, and I hope your days are looking good too!

After a few physical therapy sessions and logging my first mile (under supervision on the treadmill) in 2 weeks, I’ve been given the green light to lace up again.  I can put away 2 miles tomorrow, and provided I’m brutally honest with myself and any symptoms, I can attempt up to 5 this weekend.  I’ll need keep up anti-inflammatories religiously and ice and ankle exercises. It’s a lot of good news which will hopefully make for a very good weekend that just might get me back on track for training.

A girl running at night

As you can see from the above image, I’ve had some free time on my hands without running in the regular routine.

Also, see if you can spot which leg is longer! (Hint: or just keep reading.)

Fun fact:

My left leg, turns out, is about ½ inch longer than my right.  Good ‘ol lefty probably accounts for a lot of the running injuries I’ve accumulated over the years.  I can’t fault it.  Its strong, determined, and quite a bit wonky which is pretty characteristic of yours truly, so I think we make a good team.  Now that I know, I’ve got a slick little lift for my right shoe to compensate.

Its hard not to feel, just a bit, like a pirate though.


Running trails, paths or streets, or just enjoying the forecasted sun, I hope the weekend is a rejuvenating one filled with lots of good things, maybe even a chance to watch someone’s woods fill up with snow.

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