Back in the Asics

I’m happy to report that today’s run was a welcome change of pace, despite the absolutely frigid temps.  I’ve been on the do not run list for a few weeks as I rest up from a running injury.  I have all this nervous energy without running, it’s the thing I look forward to everyday, so having aggravating low back pain has not been fun or appreciably good for my sanity.  The general consensus is that I’m recovering from something many runners with whiny SI joints suffer from, so taking it easy and being mindful about stretching are my new rules to live by.

I am no stranger to being grounded from running.  My senior year of college I broke my foot, and the resulting boot and I lost no love for each other over the following months. It taught me a very important lesson, well, several lessons, like the “be here now” lesson,  the gratefulness lesson, and the care of self lesson.  In that regard, I’m glad I went through it.  I appreciate this basic ability I have so much more, and I try to take that with me every time I head outside. The glee of silently moving through the world under your own power is a type of bliss I can get down with.

Back to today: It was the inaugural voyage for some crazy cool new headphones.   I’ve been itching to lace up again since, through some very benevolent sponsorship, amazing new ear buds have come into my possession (thank you to my favorite PITA).  The ear buds of legend are the Iron Man series Yurbuds which I first discovered existed a few months ago.  I can’t be the only runner frustrated by problematic ear buds, and I’m excited to report that these may be the solution.  Not once did I deal with having to readjust them, or pull them out to de-sweat them in the hopes of having them stay in place better (Quick back story here: I secretly harbor a paranoia that my ears are overly populated with sweat glands…gross), and I’m pretty pleased.

I’m firmly of the opinion that wireless runs are necessary from time to time, and I always seem to appreciate them more as I tune in to whatever other sounds there are to hear.  I also know the days when I’m grasping at motivation straws or dragging serious ass, and how important a good running playlist can be to get me back in my shoes and torching the sidewalks.


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